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Convex and Security Mirrors

Glass100 has a range of convex mirrors in Perth to suit multiple purposes that are available in a range of sizes, mounting styles and grades. With a field of view that extends to 160 degrees, our convex mirrors provide increased vision to highlight areas and objects that may otherwise remain unseen. With correct positioning, convex mirrors can assist in reducing visual blind spots and may help to “see around corners” for reasons of security and collision prevention.

Common Installation Scenarios

  • Convex Security Mirrors to enable vision to all store areas within a retail environment. These are ideal in shops, delicatessens and liquor stores to help prevent shoplifting.
  • Blind Spot Reduction within warehouse environments to minimise collisions between forklifts and workers.
  • Vehicle egress points to enable vision of oncoming pedestrians, cyclists and traffic.
  • Office walkways to prevent collisions between employees, especially near coffee stations.
  • Carpark ramps to increase vision within a restricted vision area
  • Cycleway and Footpath intersections, especially near bridges or at termination points

Convex Mirror Mounting Styles

  • Wall Mount
  • Pole Mount
  • Ceiling Mount

Convex Mirror Grades

  • Plexiglass – Indoor Use
  • Plexiglass – Covered Outdoor Use
  • Stainless Steel Vandal Mitigation – Outdoor Use


Convex Mirror Diameters range from 300mm to 914mm.


Click here for our current pricelist of our convex and security mirrors.