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Glass Repair and Replacement

Glass 100’s fully equipped mobile glazing fleet repair or replace all flat glass installations, including damaged glass windows, glass pivot doors, glass sliding doors, shop front windows and shower screens.

To obtain a free quote for your glass repair, please survey your requirements for the following information, then call us on our Repairs and Replacements division on the direct freecall line 08 6500 0022 or contact us via our contact page.

  • The dimensions (height, width, thickness) of the glass panel to be repaired or replaced, preferably in accurate, metric measurements but there is no need to be precise, as the attending glazier will always re-measure.
  • The style of glass, whether it is clear, patterned or tinted.
  • The location of the glass in the building, ie which room, how far off the ground the bottom of the glass panel is located and if it is within or next to a door. This enables an accurate assessment of the grading required for the glass to be compliant with current glazing standards.
  • If the panel is framed, the style of framing being a choice from aluminium frame with rubber, wooden frame with putty, wooden frame with timber bead or steel frame with putty.

Upon deciding to proceed with your quoted works, please contact Glass 100 to book in your required work. Please note that payment can be made over the phone using Mastercard and Visa or via your insurance company (see below)

Insurance Claims

Glass 100 deals directly with insurance companies for hassle free claims relating to glass damage incidents covered by insurance policies. As with a standard glass repair service, please follow the helpful points above on how to organise a glass repair.

Carefully survey the situation to be repaired for the following information, remembering that broken glass is sharp and dangerous.

For insurance work, our glaziers will require you to provide some information onto a Glass 100 claim form, including your insurance company name, policy # and excess amount. This information enables us to charge your insurance company direct for the goods and services provided. Excess payment methods accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Cheque and Cash.

Forensic Requirements of Police

If your glass breakage is a result of criminal activity, there may be a requirement for a forensic examination of the affected area.

Every crime scene is different, with differing requirements for evidence collection, which may be affected by the degree of seriousness of the crime committed. Standard forensic technique requires the safeguarding of potential DNA evidence from hair or blood, as well as the safeguarding of possible fingerprint evidence from smooth surfaces such as glass and glass framing. Locations of broken glass may also assist in establishing the extent and nature of force used to break the glass.

Our glazing staff are trained to provide minimal disturbance to areas of interest for forensic examination, whilst still securing and repairing access points for your peace of mind.

24hr Service

Glass 100’s Glass Repairs & Replacement fleet operates 24hrs a day, every day of the year. Our Glass Repairs & Replacement fleet completes over 90% of out of business hours callouts in a single visit and in situations where a single visit cannot complete the entirety of work required, temporary work will be carried out to ensure the attended property is both safe and secure.