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Glass Shelves, Table Tops & Cabinets

Glass 100 supplies, manufactures and installs a range of glass shelves, glass tabletops, glass countertops and furniture glass to suit a variety of applications.
Custom made glass shelves are manufactured to suit your individual requirement and are ideally suited for glass shelving requirements in Bars, Retail Outlets, Kitchens, Bathrooms and Display Cases. Glass shelving for bathroom installations is made from Category A Safety Glass to comply with the updated requirements of Australian Standard AS1288/2006.
Custom made glass tabletops can be manufactured to suit both fully supported installations as well as installations where the glass is required to span a void. Fully supported glass tabletop installations include protective glass sheeting on top of dining tables, office desks and chest of drawers. Installations where glass tabletops are required to span a void include glass topped patio tables and glass coffee tables.
Custom made glass countertops provide a functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing solution for retail point of sale furniture. By utilising the latest technology in glass processing machinery, Glass100 can custom make glass counter tops to your individual requirements.

Glass Options:

  • Shapes – In addition to rectangles, shapes are virtually only limited by your imagination and include elongations, waves, trapezoids and arcs
  • Thicknesses – Regularly used thicknesses are 6mm, 10mm & 12mm
  • Holes, Notches & Cutouts – By utilising the latest in glass processing machinery, Glass100 can supply your custom made glass requirements with an array of available, holes, notches & cutouts. Regular uses include holes in glass patio tables for umbrellas, notches in glass shelves for wall conduits and cutouts in glass countertops for cash drop chutes.
  • Obscure & Patterned glass – Regularly used obscure and patterned glass includes Satin Etch (sometimes referred to as frosted glass), Cathedral (popular in patio tables – looks like someone has indented their thumb print all over the glass) and Spotswood (Obscured by a sand type texture on the back side of the glass)
  • Clear, Low Iron & Tinted Glass – In addition to clear glass, available glass includes low iron or bleached glass (doesn’t have the green tinge of clear glass) and tinted glass. Available shades of tinted glass are grey, bronze and green
  • Painted Glass – For that specialist touch, glass can be painted to match or highlight existing colour schemes. Further information on painted glass is available on the Glass100 Painted Coloured Glass Splashback Page
  • Edging – Edges available are Belt Wiped (sharp edge removed with a dull finish), Polished (Neat safe edge with a polished finish) and Bevelled (Sloping edge, usually 15-25mm wide)

Glass Types

Glass for shelving, tabletops and cabinets is best described by the way the glass acts when its Ultimate Limit State (ULS) is exceeded and the glass is broken.

  • Float Glass: Float Glass ULS exceeded results in both large and small irregular sized pieces of glass that are not joined to each other
  • Toughened Glass: Float glass that has been subject to furnace heating and controlled cooling. Toughened Glass ULS exceeded results in the entire glass panel shattering into similar, pea sized glass pieces that are not joined to each other.
  • Laminated Glass: 2 or more pieces of glass laminated (joined) on top of each other by a PVB interlayer. Laminated Glass ULS exceeded results in cracking of the glass, with glass remaining joined together in over 95% of cases.

For more information or to obtain your free quote, simply advise Glass100 a description of what you require on 08 6500 0022. Drawings, plans & dimensions can be submitted via our quote page.