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Glass Splashbacks

Glass100 are the professional choice for your glass splashback requirements in Perth. Our splashbacks are heat and scratch resistant and are used as a durable wall covering in kitchens, canteens, sculleries, galleries, bathrooms, laundries and alfresco areas for both residential and commercial installations.

All Glass100 kitchen splashback installations feature individually cut pieces to eliminate the necessity for grout and the associated grout cleaning headaches. All expansion seals use industrial grade, mould resistant, flexible silicone.

Glass100’s large range of kitchen splashbacks is divided into the following 4 product styles:

  • Classic Series – Coloured Glass Splashbacks
  • PIX Series – Image Printed Glass Splashbacks
  • Echo Series – Mirrored Glass Splashbacks
  • GEM Series – Large format Porcelain & Engineered Stone Splashbacks

Classic Series Coloured Glass Splashbacks include the following features

Glass Application Paint – Our Splashbacks feature a premium quality, glass specific, industrial paint that has been engineered to permanently bond to glass, whilst maintaining colour retention to be fade resistant.
Machine Processing – Our Splashbacks are manufactured utilising machine processing to eliminate the potential for distortion of glass associated with the internal stresses created by hand cutting and manual processing. All edges, holes, notches or cut-outs required are machine processed, cut or drilled.
Toughened Safety Glass – After custom cutting and machine processing the float glass for a coloured glass splashback, Glass100 transforms the float glass into Category A, Toughened Safety Glass for all glass pieces larger than 0.05 sqm. This Quality Assured process maximises the heat, chip and scratch resistance of the glass, as well as meeting the stringent requirements of Australian Standard AS2208.
Colour Range – Glass100 has a core colour sample range of over 100 colours, electronic access to thousands of paint formulas from Australia’s leading paint suppliers as well as a professional colour matching service. With this extensive colour range, Glass100 can provide the colour that you require for your installation.


Stylish – There is a very modern aesthetic appeal to a glass splashback. They are clean and contemporary.

Seamless – Glass splashbacks are popular because they are seamless and they don’t have any grout lines to break the flow or create wear issues later. If it can be installed in one piece and then you won’t even need any joins at all. Glass 100 specialise in fitting Perth’s largest single piece splashbacks.

Easy to Keep Clean – As glass splashbacks are non-absorbent and non-porous, splashbacks can help you get rid of moulds and other acidic elements . This also makes it so much easier to keep your spaces clean. Splashbacks are designed to take any spills, splashes of food, water, oil and grease, and so on, so that they don’t get onto your walls or in difficult to clean grout lines

Light-Reflective Ability – Glass splashbacks will reflect light back into the kitchen. This brightens your cooking and eating area without the need to install extra lighting which reduces energy consumption.

Paint Types

Solid Paint – Solid paint that the colour of the paint is consistent throughout
Metallic Paint / Sparkle Paint / Angel Dust – Although the processes for metallic paint and sparkle paint / angle dust are different, the visual effect is the provision of a fleck that reflects light and provides a sense of vibrancy.

Glass Types

Clear Toughened Safety Glass – Clear to look through when used as a door or a window, Clear Toughened Safety Glass provides little or no colour interference when used with coloured glass splashback paint that has a medium to dark colour density. However, when used with light coloured paint, such as whites and creams, a noticeable green tinge becomes evident, which may or may not be desired.
Low Iron or “Bleached” Toughened Safety Glass – For true colour representation with light colour paint choices it is necessary to utilise a low iron or “bleached” glass. Low Iron glass has virtually no green tinge that is associated with Clear Glass and provides a crisp colour representation. There are a number of brands and names that refer to Low Iron Glass, including Bleached, Starphire, Diamante, Extra Clear, Ultra Clear and Super Clear.

Sample Service

We have Perth’s best Splashback sample service. Our range features over 80 colours on large samples that are three times the size of the standard industry sample.
The large Splashback samples provide a substantial representation of the colour effect of potential colour choices and are an ideal medium to assess related colour schemes.
For more information on our sample service please contact us.

Largest Sizes & Complex Shapes

Glass100 professional measuring and production techniques allow us to produce the largest, longest splashbacks in Perth. If your splashback needs to be extra long, or requires a complex shape, Glass100 is ready to assist. We consistently supply and install the longest length splashbacks in Perth.

Colour Backed Applications

Glass100 colour backed glass provides flexible solutions to your coloured glass requirements. With durability, heat and scratch resistance, Glass100 colour backed glass is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications. Be it a kitchen, laundry, outdoor alfresco area, bathroom, spandrel panel, or notice board, our colour backed option is suited to a diverse range of applications and with every installation custom made to site specific requirements, it is easy to see why our colour backed glass is an industry leading product.

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