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Beautiful Perth Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Perth bathroom mirrors, Perth bathroom mirrorPerth – bathroom mirrors can make or break your bathroom. If you really want a gorgeous bathroom, you have to have the right mirror. Not just any mirror will do. You’ll want a bathroom mirror that fits with your style, complements your decor, functions well, and is made with high-quality materials.


If you’re thinking, “How can I make a bathroom mirror fit my style?” don’t worry. We’re here to help with a list of Perth bathroom mirror ideas. Read on below to see some gorgeous examples of bathroom mirrors in Perth to give you inspiration for your own bathroom.

Perth bathroom mirror

Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Framed bathroom mirrors are the perfect way to add elegance to your bathroom. Whether you like modern, shabby chic, rustic, or another style, framing your mirror gives it that finishing touch that complements your style perfectly.

Perth bathroom mirror, Perth bathroom mirrors

Frameless Mirrors

Frameless bathroom mirrors are classic and smooth. They’re perfect for pretty much any decor, modern, traditional or otherwise. For a look that’s absolutely timeless, you’ll love frameless bathroom mirrors.

Perth bathroom mirror, Perth bathroom mirrors

Double Mirrors

If you share your bathroom with your partner, it can get a bit crowded, especially if you don’t have double sinks or a mirror that goes all the way across the vanity. Make it easier to share space by installing double bathroom mirrors from Glass100.

Different Shapes

Remember – your Perth bathroom mirrors should fit your style and decor needs. You don’t have to stick with a square or rectangle! Check out these gorgeous, uniquely shaped bathroom mirrors below:

Perth bathroom mirrors, Perth bathroom mirror

Glass100 Makes Perth Bathroom Mirrors Beautiful and Affordable

If you’re looking for new Perth bathroom mirrors, Glass100 is the premier place to find them. We create gorgeous, affordable custom bathroom mirrors that fit your style and your budget. To provide better clarity of reflected images, Glass100 utilises HyLustre mirror for all of our custom Perth bathroom mirror orders.


Best of all, you have tons of options when you choose Glass100, including:

  • Framed Mirrors
  • Frameless Mirrors
  • Tinted Mirrors
  • A range of sizes, up to 3650mm long
  • Safety Mirror Options


Our mirror edge finishes include framed, beveled edge, and polished edge. Are you ready to design your custom Perth bathroom mirror? Contact Glass100 today to get started at 08 6500 0022, or contact us online for a free quote!

Perth bathroom mirrors, Perth bathroom mirror


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