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Sliding Wardrobe Mirrors

Glass100 manufactures and installs custom made Sliding Wardrobe Mirror Doors utilizing award winning components to provide fit for purpose, low maintenance concealment of bedroom wardrobe recesses, linen cupboards, laundry cupboards and storage shelving.

Astute Series Framed Sliding Mirror Robe Doors

Glass100’s Astute Series Framed Mirror Wardrobe Doors provide a refined and functional solution, custom made to your requirements. The Astute Series Framed Sliding Mirror Wardrobe feature a slimline frame and corresponding narrow depth tracks. As the slimline frame is double sided and the wheels are concealed within the frame, the Astute Series is also suited for use as a retractable dividing wall between rooms

Precision Series Frameless Sliding Mirror Robe Doors

Glass100’s Precision Series combines a contemporary, minimalistic appearance with the award winning components of Glass100 robe doors to provide an elegant solution for wardrobe door requirements. The Precision Series combines Polished Edge HyLustre Safety Mirror with a reinforced sub frame, suitable for even the largest of mirror robe door requirements.

Selection of Finishes

Glass100’s Wardrobes are available in a number of different finishes

HyLustre Mirror
Glass100’s HyLustre Mirror Wardrobe Doors can create a visual perception of an increase in the amount of space within a room. These doors combine HyLustre Mirror with the safety of reinforced vinyl backing. The HyLustre Mirror provides clean, crisp reflected images and the reinforced vinyl backing delivers both protection for occupants in the event of unforeseen accidents, as well as substantially increased product durability.

Gyprock Panel
Glass100’s Gyprock Panel Robe Doors are ideally suited for installations where the door finish is to be painted or covered in wallpaper. Glass100 recommends using a gyprock sealer prior to painting Gyprock Panel Sliding Wardrobe Doors.

Vinyl Wrap
Glass100’s Vinyl Wrap Sliding Robe Doors provide a durable finish, vinyl wrapped board, for non reflective robe doors. This premium finish utilises innova engineered fabrics to create a slightly textured, long lasting surface.

Vinyl Wrap Sliding Wardrobe Doors are available in a number of colours, with our standard selection being Aegean Lichen (Creamy Beige), Aegean Oyster (Creamy Rose) and Aegean Powder (Light Grey). Additional colours are available for project requirements (minimum costs and quantities apply).

Coloured Glass
Glass100’s Coloured Glass Robe Doors combine premium quality painted glass with the safety of a reinforced vinyl backing. The reinforced vinyl backing provides protection for occupants in the event of unforeseen accidents, in addition to substantially increasing the product durability.

Glass100’s Coloured Glass Wardrobe Doors are available in the standard colours of White or Black, with additional colours available for project requirements (minimum costs and quantities apply).

Frame Colours

Glass100 Wardrobe Doors are available in the standard frame colours of White, Bright Natural (similar appearance to polished chrome) or Matt Natural (similar appearance to Matt Stainless Steel). Additional colours are available for project requirements (minimum costs and quantities apply). The frames for Glass100’s Robe Door are made from extruded aluminium, with the finishes achieved as follows:

  • White – Powdercoated
  • Bright Natural – Bright Annodised
  • Matt Natural – Clear Annodised

Track & Head Configurations

Glass100 Wardrobes are aligned by a low profile bottom track and an intelligent designed head track. Both the bottom track and the head track are available with double or triple grooves (triple track). For installations with a large number of sliding doors, it is possible to install multiple tracks beside each other. Triple tracks and multiple tracks are used where clients desire larger openings when doors are retracted.

Award Winning Components

Glass100’s robes utilise large 41mm diameter rollers for near silent operation that makes the doors feel as if they are gliding. The low profile bottom tracks combine being foot friendly with an easy to clean surface, whilst the intelligent design of the head tracks support the anti jump adaptation. All of this combines to provide a fit for purpose robe, that is built to last.

Obtaining a Quote

To obtain a quote or for more information on Sliding Wardrobe Mirrors, please call us on 08 6500 0022 or send us a message via our quotation page.