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Dog doors are absolutely essential for pet owners, no matter where you live in Western Australia.

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Why Pet Owners Need Dog Doors

Benefit #1: Convenience

  • You don’t have to constantly open and close the door for your dog anymore
  • No more waiting for Fido to be “done” before you can go to bed

As a dog owner, you know how annoying it can be to have to open and close the door again and again throughout the day for your dog to go in and out. With a pet door, you no longer have to do this.

You can stay comfortable snuggled up on the couch watching a movie while your dog goes in and out at their leisure.

No more nights waiting for your dog to finish up in the backyard before you can lock the door and go to bed. And no more mornings of your dog barking to wake you up at 5 AM because they have to go to the bathroom.

Dog doors mean you never have to deal with these annoying experiences again. Dog doors make owning and caring for your dog simple and convenient.

If you work long hours, you won’t have to worry about your dog having an accident in the house, or feeling uncomfortable all day waiting for you to come home to let them out. A dog door solves all these problems and leaves your dog comfortable, healthy, happy – and leaves you happy as well!

Benefit #2: Better Health and Safety

  • Dog doors reduce the risk of UTIs and bladder infections
  • Dog doors give your pet more freedom, better health, and less risk of infections.
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Your dog should not refrain from urinating for very long periods of time, as it can be very harmful to their health. Dogs can actually develop urinary tract issues and other health problems. Urinary tract infections may sound innocuous, but can worsen and lead to bladder infections and much worse health problems, which are more painful, more serious and more expensive to treat. Since your pets can’t talk, they can’t tell you when the pain has gotten worse. This is why many times pet owners don’t know anything is wrong until the condition has gotten much worse.


You can reduce your dog’s risk of UTIs and bladder infections by allowing them to go outside whenever they need to go, rather than making them wait for hours until you get home from work; it’s better for your dog to be able to go out at their leisure.

Furthermore, many dogs need several hours of exercise and mental stimulation daily in order to be healthy and happy. Many pets cannot receive the proper exercise they need if left indoors all day. A dog door enables your dog to explore the outdoors safely and have fun, while getting the exercise and mental stimulation they need.

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Benefit #3: Fewer Accidents

When toilet training your dog, it’s important to be consistent. Long hours without access to the outdoors can lead to big accidents in the house, and no one – not even your dog – wants that to happen.

Even the best pets have accidents sometimes, especially when going through toilet training. Imagine being a dog and having to go to the bathroom, but no humans are around to let you out. You know you’re not supposed to go inside, but you have to go! It’s both stressful for your pet and frustrating for you as a pet owner. No one wants to come home to a mess; a dog door allows your pet to use the bathroom whenever they need to, whether you’re home or not.

dog doors, doggy doors, doggie doors, pet doorsBenefit #4: Better Pet Behavior

Furthermore, being locked inside all day can make a dog feel stressed out and frustrated. They may act out by chewing, ‘marking’ (urinating on objects in your home), or scratching things in your home.

In order to prevent this from happening, they need exercise and mental stimulation to keep them busy. A dog door allows you to give these things to your dog without having to be physically present. This means fewer messes for you to clean up when you get home, and a happier, healthier dog.

Benefit #5: Saves Money and Time

If you work long hours, you worry about your dog feeling uncomfortable all day, waiting for you to get home to let them out; dog doors are the perfect solution for this problem.

You won’t have to worry about your dog feeling uncomfortable, developing a UTI or barking to be let out at unruly hours, or even having to get a pet sitter when you can’t be around. Once you have your dog door installed, you can rest easy knowing your pet is taken care of, and you’ve saved money and time.

Order Your Dog Door from Glass100 Today!

Your dog deserves to be safe, healthy, and happy, which is exactly why a dog door is a great choice for your pet. Avoid the midnight mishaps – order your custom dog door today from Glass100!

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