Glass100 Quote - Standard Quote Terms, Conditions and Exclusions

QUOTES 1)Price as quoted shall remain valid for 28 days from date of quotation, subject to the conditions listed below. 2)Delivery and installation timelines commence from the receipt of order confirmation and deposit, unless otherwise agreed. Glass100 assumes no responsibility for work delays.3) A deposit or accepted purchase order is required with your order confirmation, with progress payments required for various work stages, with the balance payable upon completion of works. All applications for credit must include a valid bank guarantee accompanying personal guarantees from all business directors. 4)All goods may remain the property of Glass100 until paid for in full. Industry discounts applied to quotes, stated or not, become invalid once an account is overdue by 14 days. Late fees apply to all overdue accounts, with a minimum 2.5% monthly compounding rate above the current Reserve Bank Cash Rate applicable 5)Any costs or disbursements incurred by Glass100 in recovering outstanding monies, including but not limited to debt collection agency fees, solicitors costs, as well as late payment fees shall be paid by the customer.6) Should the installation of the above require the removal or drilling of walls, brick paving / slabs, etc, all care will be taken, but no responsibility is accepted for any damage to the aforementioned.7) If when installing we encounter any pipe work or cabling there will be an extra charge to cover any extra costs.8) Power and water to the site is to be provided by the owner/builder. 9) Glass100 is not responsible for work delays and missed deadlines from failure to comply with payment terms by clients. 10) Additional fees apply should payment retention be required. The additional fee for addition of a retention after quoting is variable, with a minimum amount of an additional 10 (ten) percent. 11) Glazing Certificates will not be issued until all outstanding monies, including any retention, are paid in full 12) Glass100 access to the site is to be unimpeded. Extra costs will be charged for delays caused by impediments to site access.13) Glass100 reserves the right to reprice quotes to correct any errors or omissions intrinsic to the pricing calculation.