Classic Series - Painted Glass Splashbacks

Glass100 are the professional choice for painted glass splashback requirements in Perth. We use high quality glass, cut into large, individual pieces, to ensure that your splashback not only looks good - but is easy to clean - so you can keep it looking good.

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Benefits of a Glass100 Splashback:


Glass splashbacks are clean and contemporary - a stylish addition to any kitchen.

Easy to Clean

Non-porous and groutless, glass splashbacks make kitchen clean-ups a dream.


We specialise in fitting Perth’s largest single-piece splashbacks.


Glass splashbacks reflect light, brightening your cooking and eating areas.

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How it Works

Glass100 are the professional choice for your glass splashback requirements in Perth. Our splashbacks are heat and scratch resistant and are used as a durable wall covering in kitchens, canteens, sculleries, galleries, bathrooms, laundries and alfresco areas for both residential and commercial installations.

All Glass100 kitchen splashback installations feature individually cut pieces to eliminate the necessity for grout and the associated grout cleaning headaches. All expansion seals use industrial grade, mould resistant, flexible silicone.

Product Details

Classic Series Coloured Glass Splashbacks include the following features:

Glass Application Paint
Our Splashbacks feature a premium quality, glass specific, industrial paint that has been engineered to permanently bond to glass, whilst maintaining colour retention to be fade resistant.

Machine Processing
Our Splashbacks are manufactured utilising machine processing to eliminate the potential for distortion of glass associated with the internal stresses created by hand cutting and manual processing. All edges, holes, notches or cut-outs required are machine processed, cut or drilled.

Toughened Safety Glass
After custom cutting and machine processing the float glass for a coloured glass splashback, Glass100 transforms the float glass into Category A, Toughened Safety Glass for all glass pieces larger than 0.05 sqm. This Quality Assured process maximises the heat, chip and scratch resistance of the glass, as well as meeting the stringent requirements of Australian Standard AS2208.

Colour Range
Glass100 has a core colour sample range of over 100 colours, electronic access to thousands of paint formulas from Australia’s leading paint suppliers as well as a professional colour matching service. With this extensive colour range, Glass100 can provide the colour that you require for your installation.

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Painted Glass Splashback pricing is determined by a number of factors including the Total Area, Minimum Area Charges, Type of Paint (Solid, Metallic, Custom Match or SFX), Shape of Individual Pieces, Type of Glass (Standard Clear - This has a slight green tinge; or Ultra Clear). For Rectangular Shapes the following pricing is a guide to minimum charges but to receive a job specific quote follow the instructions in the Quick Measure and Quote Video above and submit an enquiry via our Quote Portal. Area is calculated per piece by the maximum height by the maximum width, ie the smallest rectangle the individual piece can be cut from with no area deduction being given for discarded glass from cutouts, notches, holes or shaping.

 Painted Splashback Pricing incl GST

 Clear Glass (Slight Green Tinge) Ultra Clear Low Iron Glass
 Solid Paint
 from $440 sqm from $495 sqm
Metallic Paint from $460 sqm from $515 sqm
 GPO Cutout / Side or Corner Notch from $55 each from $55 each


Let Glass100 Provide Your Painted Glass Splashback Solution

The Glass100 team has experience in thousands of kitchen glass splashback installations. This experience has made Glass100 efficient in delivering timely painted glass splashback solutions for our brilliant customers. Combine this efficiency with our substantial buying power and it is easy to see why Glass100 offers our clients such great value for money. It is especially notable that Glass100 are the Renovated Kitchen Splashback Experts in WA, regularly saving our customers hundreds of dollars on unnecessary remedial works that will be covered by the splashback. We can deliver this value to our customers because of our extensive product knowledge gained through thousands of successful installations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am removing tiles, how smooth does the wall have to be for a splashback?

Although smoothly plastered walls are a dream for our installations, THEY ARE NOT NECESSARY. A wall condition of no lumps and no sharp residue is usually sufficient for a splashback installation. A splashback will go from a high point to a high point on a wall and sharp protrusions can scratch the back surface of the splashback during the installation. So when removing tiles ensure that all lumps and pointed residue, such as old grout or tile slivers, are removed with the tiles when clearing the wall. In most cases it is not necessary to fill any holes as the splashback will span nearly all cavities.

Can I cut an extra powerpoint hole in my glass splashback once it is fitted?

Unfortunately not as you will cause the splashback to shatter like a car window. As we use toughened glass for our splashbacks to ensure durability and heat resistance, it is necessary to cut all holes prior to the glass being toughened and then painted.

Is a glass splashback heat resistant?

Glass100 Coloured Glass Splashbacks use Category A Toughened Safety Glass, the same type of glass that can be used in oven door windows. Whilst the glass is heat resistant it is necessary to avoid extreme heat on the glass, such as flames lapping the glass from a wok burner, as extreme heat can cause the painted surface of the glass splashback to burn and/or blister. The painted surface of the glass splashback is the surface that gets glued to the wall.

How long does production of a splashback take from order to installation?

Standard Splashback turnaround time is 12 - 17 working days from the date that the production drawings are created, subject to seasonal and supply variations. Production drawings are created once the final 

What is the largest single piece of painted glass splashback possible?

Glass100 supplies and installs the largest single piece glass splashbacks in Perth. Whilst we can theoretically supply an individual painted glass splashback 5000mm long by 2400mm tall, this size is variable depending on processing requirements. If Water Jet processing (used for shaped or notched edges, holes and cutouts) is required then the  maximum size reduces to 4950mm x 1800mm. If CNC processing (used in shaped or notched edges, holes and cutouts that require a polished finish) is required then the size further reduces down to 3850mm x 2200mm. In some extreme examples we have cut the splashback glass on an angle through the stock sheet to achieve a splashback length exceeding 6200mm.

What warranty does Glass100 supply for splashbacks?

Glass100 manufactures, supplies and installs splashbacks with a comprehensive 5 year warranty. Glass100’s GW Glass Splashbacks feature Category A Toughened Safety Glass on all pieces large enough to be processed by the toughening furnace, Glass Activated Paint for superior paint adherence and guaranteed colour retention on our Painted Glass Splashbacks, as well as machine finished edges and cutouts to eliminate glass distortion associated with hand cutting glass stresses.

What deposit amount is required and by when?

Glass100 Standard Splashback Deposit is 50%. The deposit is required prior to production of the splashback with the balance being due on installation.

Who We Are

Glass100 is a family business, owned and operated right here in WA. We supply and install professionally manufactured glass products for domestic and commercial requirements. With a commitment to market leading products, we can provide innovative solutions to your glass needs, all with a cost effective focus.

We pride ourselves on supplying and installing the best glass products across Perth

Our commitment to quality helps you know that a Glass100 product is designed to be fit for purpose, delivering maximum lifetime value.

Our specialty products include Glass Splashbacks, Shower Screens, Pet Doors, Mirrors, Windows & Doors, with our total product range extending to numerous other glass and aluminium related goods.

All of our installers are Glass100 Accredited Installers, a status reflecting the required level of professionalism that we expect. And here at Glass100, we genuinely welcome feedback.