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Specifically designed for installation into glass panels, Glass100 Dog Doors are made from durable, high performance plastics to ensure quality for you and your dog. Avoid the midnight mishaps - get your free quote today!

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About the Door:

About the Door:

How it Works

Glass100 supplies and installs dog doors into custom cut replacement panels of toughened safety glass. Once a job is confirmed a Glass100 Accredited Tradesperson attends site to conduct an exact measurement of the glass to be replaced as well as to confirm the required dog door model and location of the dog door in the glass. Back in the factory a replacement panel of glass is cut along with the hole for the dog door. This glass is then sent for toughening. Once the glass has returned from toughening an installation date is confirmed for the replacement glass and dog door.

Product Details

Our dog doors are specifically designed for installation into glass panels and are made from durable, high performance, plastics such as polycarbonate and makrolon. In addition to our standard range of dog doors, Glass 100 stocks a range of doors suitable for large dog breeds as well as an electronic, microchip activated, selective entry pet door suitable for small and miniature dogs.

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The price of a dog door differs depending on a range of factors, including the size of the pet and the size of the door in which it is being installed. As an indicative guide, the following prices are regularly applied in the Perth Metropolitan Area:

Small Doors

Suitable for miniature dogs as well as cats
Medium Doors

Suitable for small to medium dogs
 Large Doors

Suitable for large to extra large dogs
Microchip Doors

Suitable for miniature to small dogs as well as cats
Lowlite Window
(Up to 0.5m²)
$479 $479 $503 $679 
Laundry Door
(Up to 1.5m²)
Back Door
(Up to 1.75m²)
$629 $629$653$829

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Glass100 Dog Door Features

Glass100 Cat Door & Dog Door Display

Glass100 Large Dog Door in Use

Glass100 Large Dog Door in Use


Let Glass100 Provide Your Dog Door Solution

The Glass100 team has experience in literally thousands of dog door installations. This experience has made Glass100 efficient in delivering timely dog door solutions for our customers and their dogs. Combine this efficiency with our substantial buying power and it is easy to see why Glass100 offers our clients such great value for money.

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​Frequently Asked Questions

I already have toughened glass, why don’t you just cut a hole in it for me?

If you attempt to cut glass once it has been subject to the toughening process, the glass will shatter. (In industry talk, the ultimate limit state, ULS, is exceeded). Thus, the glass needs to be cut to the right size and have the hole cut into it prior to instigating the toughening process.

How do I know which dog door is the right size?

The simplest way to test which door is the right size for your dog is to template the dimensions of the dog door flap (available here) onto a cardboard box, then cut a hole in the cardboard box the same size as the dog door flap. Once the hole the same size as the dog door flap has been created, gently place your dog into the cardboard box and see if it can fit through the opening to exit the box.

When will my new dog door be ready?

Standard working time from measure to installation is 4 to 8 working days.*Subject to seasonal and supply chain variations.

What warranty does Glass100 provide on Dog Doors?
Glass100 dog doors that are installed into stationary panes of glass, receive a 12 month replacement warranty against faulty workmanship. 

Warranty excludes inappropriate use and malicious damage.
Can my small dog use a cat door?
Possibly. It depends on the size of your dog and how active they are. Dogs with more upright necks, such as miniature dachshunds, tend to require a taller door than a cat door.

Some tiny dogs can indeed use cat doors, but please make sure to measure your pet before assuming they will fit through the door. As cats are generally, but not always, less boisterous than dogs the design of cat doors is primarily around a light door for ease of use whereas dog doors have more robust design considerations.
Do you sell microchip activated dog doors for small dogs?

Glass100 supplies and installs microchip activated pet doors suitable for small dogs and cats.
Do you sell microchip activated dog doors for large dogs?
Not currently.

Although Glass100 has trialed many different microchip activated dog doors for large dogs we are yet to find a design that is both functional and robust enough for ongoing use by large dogs in our hot Australian climate. 
How are cat doors different from dog doors?

Whilst cat doors and dog doors use similar design considerations cat doors tend to be lighter, for ease of use by a cat, whereas dog doors tend to be larger, heavier and more suited to higher force use.

How do I know if my dog needs a dog door?

Can your dog open the door to the backyard in the middle of the night when nature calls? If not then you need a dog door. Simple.

Do I need to pay a deposit on my dog door?

For your dog door to be put into production a deposit of $100 is required with the balance being due on installation.

Who We Are

Glass100 is a family business, owned and operated right here in WA. We supply and install professionally manufactured glass products for domestic and commercial requirements. With a commitment to market leading products, we can provide innovative solutions to your glass needs, all with a cost effective focus.

We pride ourselves on supplying and installing the best glass products across Perth

Our commitment to quality helps you know that a Glass100 product is designed to be fit for purpose, delivering maximum lifetime value.

Our specialty products include Glass Splashbacks, Shower Screens, Pet Doors, Mirrors, Windows & Doors, with our total product range extending to numerous other glass and aluminium related goods.

All of our installers are Glass100 Accredited Installers, a status reflecting the required level of professionalism that we expect. And here at Glass100, we genuinely welcome feedback.