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Glass100 are the specialists for large format mirrors throughout Perth and Western Australia. Our extensive experience provides our customers with knowledgeable advice, industry leading products and value for money solutions for a variety of applications including:

  • Gym Mirrors - Commercial, Sporting Club, School, Personal Training and Home Gym Mirrors
  • Yoga, Dance & Pilates Studio Mirrors - including Hot Yoga and elevated layouts for Aerial Yoga & Pole Dance Mirrors
  • Martial Arts, Boxing and Combat Sports Mirrors - Professional and Amateur Training Mirrors 
  • Hair Salon Mirrors - including Custom Shaped and Floating Mirrors
  • Retail & Fashion Mirrors - including Display and Change Room Mirrors
  • Hospitality Mirrors - Hotel, Bar, Restaurant & Foyer Mirrors

To get a quote simply contact us with the height and width of the area that you would like to mirror as well as any site specific considerations. Glass100 can easily supply numerous quotes for you to consider if you are unsure of sizing and we will readily discuss your project with you to maximise your project functionality. 

Product Details

Glass100 large format mirrors use 6mm thick HyLustre Mirror for crisp, true reflections. The outstanding quality of our HyLustre mirrors enables Glass100 to supply individual mirrors with sizing up to 4sqm which is the largest size permitted under Australian Standard AS1288. Where mirror walls require numerous adjacent mirrors the polishing of mirror edges provides a safe, clean join. 

Our most popular large format mirrors used in Gyms and Studios for Yoga, Dance and Pilates are installed in a patented tracking system imported from North America with the mirrors having a safety vinyl backing to hold mirror pieces together in the event of a damage incident. All of our mirrors are processed in Perth to the required final sizing.

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Pricing for large format gym and studio mirrors is conditional on a number of factors, with the main consideration being the area of mirror to be supplied and installed. For a standard, easy access installation completed during normal business hours in Metropolitan Perth, Western Australia, the following pricing is current as at July 2023. 

 Large Format Mirror Pricing -
(# of mirrors in brackets)
 2m 4m 10m 20m
 $1,334 (1) $2,408 (2) $5,660 (5) $10,240 (10)
 1.8m $1,270 (1) $2,280 (2) $5,340 (5) $9,520 (9)
 1.6m $1,206 (1) $2,152 (2) $4,948 (4) $8,920 (8)

For a personalised quote for your specific requirements, please forward the details through of your desired installation. As always, Standard Glass100 Terms, Conditions & Exclusions apply. 

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Why Glass100 should provide your Large Mirror Solution

The Glass100 team has installed thousands of square metres of mirrors across a wide variety of applications, developing an extensive knowledge base to assist our customers in achieving maximum value for their purchase. This experience has also made Glass100 incredibly efficient in delivering timely large format mirror solutions for our customers. Combine this efficiency with our substantial buying power and it is easy to see why Glass100 offers our clients such great value for money. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Glass100 use mounting track instead of glue fixing Big Workout Mirrors to walls?

Glue fixing is fine for small, single mirrors but is a substandard installation method for large format mirrors. Some of the many failings of this installation method are:

  • Heightened image distortion – Because large mirrors flex, the drying process of the glue causes the mirror to distort in a very noticeable manner.
  • Joint misalignment – The rigidity of a glued mirror prohibits correction of misalignment at joints resulting in significant image splitting that cannot be rectified.
  • Easily broken – The rigidity of glued mirrors means that the kinetic energy that flows from any impact, including simply leaning on the mirror, has no other way to dissipate than through the face of the mirror which can easily result in a break. In track mounted mirrors kinetic energy can wave throughout the mirror to dissipate.
  • Thermal Cracking – Glue fixed mirrors are rigid and are susceptible to failure when thermal variances occur.
  • Difficult to replace – When large format glue fixed mirrors break, which they do with monotonous regularity, the work involved in removing the broken pieces will often cause collateral damage.

Glass100 is regularly employed to remove large format mirrors that have been glued fixed by other suppliers and then replace the installation with our track mounting system. We have even had to replace an entire dance studio of glue fixed large format mirrors that were installed by an “experienced mirror installer” prior to a dance studio even opening. 

What warranty does Glass100 provide on Big Mirrors?

Glass100’s large format studio mirrors are suitable for installation into high traffic public buildings and come with a comprehensive 24 month warranty against faulty production and installation.

Do I need to pay a deposit on my mirrors?


For your mirrors to be put into production a deposit will be required. This is generally 50% of the total value of the order.

Who We Are

Glass100 is a family business, owned and operated right here in WA. We supply and install professionally manufactured glass products for domestic and commercial requirements. With a commitment to market leading products, we can provide innovative solutions to your glass needs, all with a cost effective focus.

Additional Information

Our commitment to quality helps you know that a Glass100 product is designed to be fit for purpose, delivering maximum lifetime value.

Our specialty products include Glass Splashbacks, Shower Screens, Pet Doors, Mirrors, Windows & Doors, with our total product range extending to numerous other glass and aluminium related goods.

All of our installers are Glass100 Accredited Installers, a status reflecting the required level of professionalism that we expect. And here at Glass100, we genuinely welcome feedback.