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Bathroom, Bedroom & Hallway Mirrors

The custom made nature of Reflections Series Domestic Use Mirrors makes Reflections Series Domestic Use Mirrors exceptionally versatile, being suitable for a range of applications including bathroom mirrors, feature wall mirrors and mirror robe doors.

Additionally, Reflections Series Domestic Use Mirrors can be manufactured with a range of edge finishes including framed, frameless, bevelled or polished to suit the individual requirement.

Glass100 domestic mirrors can be affixed utilising a number of professional installation methods. The most popular method is glue fixing and is suitable for most installations. The summary of fixing methods is as follows:

Frameless Mirrors:
Glue Fixed – Highly recommended
Spring Clip Mounting
Chrome dome covered screws (mirror requires holes)

Framed Mirrors:
Concealed Spring Clip Mounting
Screw fixing through frame

Glass100 will provide a recommendation for the fixing method after considering the specific requirements of the mirror installation. All Glass100 mirror installations are completed in strict accordance with the rigorous Australian Standard AS1288.

Mirror Types

To provide clarity of reflected images Glass100 utilises HyLustre mirror for all of our mirror requirements.

HyLustre mirror is available with the following options:

Standard HyLustre Mirror 6mm or 4mm thick
Bronze HyLustre Mirror 4mm thick
Grey HyLustre Mirror 4mm thick
Laminated HyLustre Mirror 6.38mm thick

Edge Finishes
Polished Edge
Bevelled Edge

Glass100 HyLustre Mirrors can be up to 3650mm long, with a maximum area of 4sqm for 6mm thick or 3sqm for 4mm thick

Safety Mirror Options
Glue Fixing
Vinyl Backing
Laminated Mirror

Glass100 has extensive experience with mirrors. Let us provide a practical, cost effective solution to your mirror requirement.