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Gym, Yoga & Studio Mirrors

Glass 100 specialises in the supply and installation of custom made large format mirrors in Perth for the following applications:

  • Dance Studio Mirrors
  • Yoga Studio Mirrors
  • Horse Arena Mirrors
  • Hair Salon Mirrors
  • Workout Mirrors
  • Home Gym Mirrors
  • Commercial Mirrors – Hotel Mirrors, Bar Mirrors, Reception Area Mirrors & Laminated Mirrors for Lifts

Glass100 custom made mirrors have the following features:

  • HyLustre™ Mirrors for clarity of reflected images
  • Patented slimline top and bottom track mounting system for professional mirror alignment
  • Safety vinyl backing applied to all mirror pieces
  • Mirror edge sealant applied to all mirror edges to maximise mirror longevity
  • All mirror edges are polished, minimising the visual impact of sectional joins
  • All fittings and fixtures are compliant with the rigorous Australian Standard AS 1288.

Glass100 provides professional manufacturing, supply and installation of custom made mirrors. Additionally, Glass100 stocks a range of prefabricated, standard size mirrors for short turn around projects. Pre-cut mirror sizes and pricing is available here.

The Glass100 Project Team specialises in the co-ordination of the supply and installation of mirrors within building projects throughout WA.

To obtain a quote for your mirror requirements, please use our quotation page, specifying the required dimensions of your studio mirror and the type of wall that the mirror is to be installed onto.