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Woodfire Heater Glass

Glass100 supplies and installs Robax heat resistant glass for wood fire heaters, slow combustion wood burners and pot belly stoves.

Robax is the world leading product for transparent heat resistant ceramic glass. Featuring an extremely low thermal expansion, Robax is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures of up to 750 degrees Celsius. Notably, substantial temperature shifts and temperature differences do not affect the performance of Robax glass ceramic.

Further product information is available on the Robax website.

Fire Heater Glass Repair

If the viewing glass in your wood fired heater, slow combustion wood burner or pot belly stove door has been cracked, chipped, damaged or is no longer transparent and requires replacement, Glass100 can assist. Glass100 also carries rope gasket, stove gasket cement and high temperature silicone for common maintenance requirements.

Obtain A Quote – Australia Wide Delivery

To obtain a quote on the fire heater glass repair or maintenance requirement, simply collate the following information:

  • Size of the piece of glass required (height, width & thickness), including unit of measurement
  • Style of heater or stove that the glass panel is required for
  • Indicate what has happened to the existing or previous piece of glass ie. Cracked, Shattered, Chipped, Uncleanable, etc
  • Indicate if it is for DIY pickup, Repair at a Glass100 workshop or if On-site installation is required
  • Detail the Suburb and Postcode if On-site installation is required


With this information on Woodfire Heater Glass on hand, contact Glass100 at 08 6500 0022 to obtain your quote.